Role of Chemistry in Every Day Life

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Role of Chemistry in Every day Life

Chemistry has played a key role in determining the nature of the modern world. In reality chemistry is much interesting for both study and practice. While defining chemistry let us consider a traditional definition which states 'Chemistry is the science of matter which undergoes changes during chemical reaction'. But in reality chemistry goes beyond its traditional definitions. From the evolution of mankind itself, chemistry had a close connection with the daily acts of human beings. So we cannot deny the contribution of chemistry. Every matter is related to chemistry; even we human beings are made of chemicals.

Almost all changes that we see around are means of chemical reactions. From the human evolution, he was much fascinated by the natural changes that he observed in his surroundings which include change in the colour of leaves, forest fire etc. Observation of how forest fire occurs led man to experiment himself and succeeded in making fire by striking two stones together. This might be the first human contact with chemistry.

Let us now go through the role of chemistry as it has kept a long list of promises or benefits while applied in practical sense has contributed in our every day life. Application of chemistry has widely helped the growth of mining industries, discovery of new medicines, improvisation of fertilizers to be used in the agro industry, use of nano technology and mostly the development in nuclear power. Other than the above fields chemistry is involved in a number of other fields which support other subjects like Medical Science, Astrophysics, Space Research, Computer Application, and Agriculture. (This list is incomplete as chemistry is widely used in a lot of other fields).

On one side we speak about the positive side of chemistry, on the other side the there lies more concern over this science. Let us now go through the concerns of chemistry.

As there are two sides of a coin, chemistry...
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