Role of Culture Different

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Role of Culture Different
Nowhere in this world is sharing a same culture. There are 194 countries on this planet and each one has at least 10 to 20 different cultures. Understanding the different between cultures is a great thing to communicate with more people, expand our knowledge and forming a business strategy.

First of all, the knowledge of many different cultures makes you become a friendly person. Because of each culture has its own rule in some situations, knowing them give you an advantage. For example, Indian trend to avoid eyes contact when they communicate. So, you won’t be trouble if you know that rule when you try to make friend with an Indian. Also, each culture has something to be proud of. Therefore, your knowledge in culture different is very important to save your face. For example, when you talk to Japanese, you should avoid saying something bad about their Sumo legends. Japanese is admired everything about Sumo even they look quite over weight. So, understand more than one culture and the different between cultures are really helpful in order to communicate with different culture.

Then, Culture different is a great book of knowledge. Every culture has its own way or technique to archive the same thing. So, travel to different culture will expand your knowledge. For example, there is a survey tell us that Japanese lives longer than other race because of their eating habit. Therefore, all people around the world try to eat raw fish in order to have a longer life. So, the more culture you know the more skill you may learn.

Last, Culture different is playing an important role in business. In order to have more successful around the world, all universal company has to do a research on culture different. According to my own experiment, the taste of a piece of fried chicken in a KFC restaurant in America is different to the one in Vietnam. It is because the eating habit of different race is not the same. So, KFC Company has to adjust its...
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