Roles and Responsibilities in Life Long Learningg

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Roles, responsibilities and relationships in lifelong learning. Presented as a requisite for the PTTLS levels 3
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1.1 There are many legislation and regulatory requirements and codes of practice that need to be considered in my role as a tutor. The generic legislation and codes of practice are encompassed within Write- Traks specific policies and procedures and codes of practice which I adhere to in my everyday working environment, such as Child Protection, Health and Safety, Equal opportunities, Anti-bullying and Internet and other home equipment policies. The Children Act (2004) ensures every child’s outcome to principally ‘be healthy, stay safe, enjoy and achieve, make a positive contribution and achieve economic well- being.’ (Gravells, A. 2012:20). It is essential that I follow legislative guidelines to safe guard the children and young people that I teach, promoting safety and well-being of each individual. The Protection of Children Act (1999) gives local authorities the responsibility to investigate suspected abuse allegations, and by law I am required to pass on any information relating to this. As I am working with children it is necessary for me to have an up to date check by the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB).’ Write-Trak is an umbrella organisation for the CRB.’ (Write-Trak Policies and Procedures 2010:16), CRB checks were introduced by the safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Act (2006), ‘a vetting and barring scheme to make decisions about who should be barred from working with children and vulnerable adults ( In my working environment I have a duty to ensure a safe working environment for my learners. I must adhere to the specific rules and legislations set out in the Health and Safety Act (1974) and as I work in my home, Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH, 2002) and Food Hygiene Regulations (2006). As a teacher I need to be fully aware of these regulations and make sure my learners are aware of their responsibilities too. I should always make sure my learners are aware of nearest fire exit and that all students adhere to the boundaries set out that are there to protect the welfare and safety of everyone present. The necessity to risk assess on a daily basis is an essential role I undertake, ‘Tutors need to consider the type of children/ young people in their care, and analyse hazards risk. To carefully estimate the level of risk of a violent attack. The consequences of injury or harm could range from a scratch to death.’(Write-Trak, Policies and Procedures 2010) The Data Protection Act (1998) requires me to store and keep confidentially records containing any personal details in a secure location. ‘In accordance with section 124 of the Police Act (1997), Disclosure information is only passed to those whom Disclosures or Disclosure information has been revealed’(Write-Trak, Policies and Procedures 2010), It is a criminal offence to pass this information to anyone who is not entitled to receive it. 1.2

‘Equality is about the rights of students to have access to attend, and participate in their chosen learning experience.’(Gravell, A.2012:53). This gives all learners equal opportunities to participate and reach their academic potential regardless of their age, gender, sexual orientation, creed, religion or culture. As a tutor it is my role to challenge any inequality and discrimination shown amongst my students and should be tackled in a fair, respectful and decent manner. Setting an example to other learners of how to deal with discrimination and prejudice appropriately and proactively ensuring all learners feel safe, comfortable and equal during tuition allowing learning to take place effectively. ‘Diversity is about valuing and respecting the differences in students, regardless of their age, ability…’ (Gravells, A .2012:54). Diversity is a key element of my working life as I teach a variation...

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