Roles and responsibilities of a teacher in South Africa

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7 Roles and associated responsibilities of a teacher
1. Designer of Learning Programs
When designing learning programs for your students/class a teacher has the following responsibilities to take into consideration:
• The Program - The learning program should be understood and well interpreted as well as original programs designed.
• Meet the unique needs of learners in your class whilst overcoming barriers – Although all learners in a class are unique, it is difficult to cater for the needs of each individual, the teacher should take the type of group of learners into consideration. For example, learners from low income vs high income communities may have different learning needs. A teacher should analyse how to overcome these barriers through design and creation of innovative learning programs.

• Learning programs should cater for the “whole learner” – the teachers program should include activities that develop the child physically, cognitively, emotionally and socially. • Designing a balanced program – the program should allow for a variety of activities namely indoor, outdoor, group activities, free play, quiet or individual etc. • Planning of classroom and play area – It is the responsibility of the teacher to ensure that the classroom is planned and laid out in such a way that there is enough space for a variety of learning and play activities to take place. A teacher should understand how to construct learning environments that are more flexible and individualised.

2. Facilitator of Learning
A teacher facilitates all facets of a child’s learning process, examples of this are: • Content- The teacher can design the program according to a weekly theme that is developmentally appropriate, fun and relevant to the learners. A sound knowledge of the subject content is essential. • Language – There needs to be appropriate use of language instruction to communicate key concepts. For example a teacher with a strong Afrikaans accent and background would...
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