Roles Responsibilities as a Teacher

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Review what your role, responsibilities and boundaries as a teacher would be in terms of the teaching/training cycle

The Teaching/Training cycle is a model of assessment of needs, planning and review set out to guide teachers in their roles, responsibilities and boundaries.

Initial assessment and the identification of individual learners needs is a crucial part of the learning journey. The initial assessment of individual needs helps to identify both learners’ skills against national standards and further diagnostic testing can identify preferred learning styles. The analysis of results can then be used to design an individual programme of learning for the learner which underpins the success of a course and act as a benchmark from which the learner’s progress and achievement can be measured.

Initial assessment can be carried out in a number of ways. Learning styles assessment originated in the 1970’s with the most commonly used being Honey and Mumford’s Learning styles Questionnaire based upon David Kolb’s Experiential Learning Theory. Other methods of needs assessment can be tutor observations, self assessment exercises, group discussion and one to one tutorials.

The Learning and Improvement Service (LSIS) state that
“Initial assessment will help identify a learner’s skills against a level or levels within the national standards. Learners may have different levels of reading, writing, numeracy and language skill.  Initial assessment is often used to help place learners in appropriate learning programmes”

It is therefore the role and responsibility of the teacher to carry out effective initial assessment with learners and to use this to inform the delivery of the course.

The teachers role and responsibilities now move to the formal process of planning and design.

LSIS Learning Skills and Improvement Service use it to gather information to support the whole of the learners’ experience and

Key principles for curriculum delivery
Inclusive Learning (FEFC 1996) states that all learners are entitled to a learning environment that matches their individual requirements. For this to occur, there has to be a match between how the learner learns and how he or she is taught.

Making curriculum delivery responsive to the needs of a wide range of individual learners – and thus maximising learning, achievement and learner satisfaction – rests on the following essential principles with a long and respected history in education: ( The main teaching roles as defined by the teaching training cycle are: To plan one's lessons and maintain up-to-date Quality Assurance forms, such as scheme of work and lesson plans to prepare appropriate material and resources for each lesson to teach the subject agreed on the required number of hours per week to provide educational support and guidance and act as academic student consultant to undergo regular training, and maintain continuous professional development  Additional responsibilities in terms of my teaching role are: to act as a role model of appropriate behaviour, hygiene, dress code, and use of language to be aware of and committed to equality and health and safety policies to assist students with learning difficulties and disabilities to maintain professionalism by aiming at competence, updating  one's knowledge of subject and teaching methods, be ethical and sensitive to students’ needs and prioritise their progress, and be confidential and respectful  The main boundaries in my teaching role would be:

to keep one's relationships focused only on pedagogical goals and not to show favouritism or prejudice to keep expectations from students only regarding their commitment to their studies or their appropriate class behaviour to  maintain a safe, healthy and enjoyable learning environment and not use power in an...

Bibliography: Danes C and Graham B. Adult Teaching Adult Learning (Continuing Education Press, University of Nottingham, 1997)
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