roller coaster accident

Topics: Amusement park, Roller coaster, Six Flags Over Texas Pages: 2 (816 words) Published: October 14, 2013
Hannah Wilson

Can you imagine being on a roller coaster having a great time and then bam the person in front of you go flying out of there cart well that’s something a few people witnessed In an accident in late July a 52 year old women fell over 75ft to her death from the Texas giant in six flags in Dallas this Saturday the ride is going to reopen for the first time sense this incident. Several people have began filing lawsuits against the theme park because they state the ride is still unsafe one woman this being the woman’s sister who was furious with the theme park has even sued for over 1 million dollars but in my opinion it is not their fault she knew the danger in riding the ride but she still took the risk. Also they have made many new improvements to the ride including a high pitch ring that sounds whenever someone doesn’t have their restraint bar locked so they don’t accidentally start the ride when someone’s no properly locked into the seat Everyone knows there is never a guarantee of coming out safe from a roller coast and although 99.9% of the time is great even if it feels like your going to die you come out fine but that .1 percent that people forget about can ruin your life or even worse end it like this poor lady did last july.sic flags revenue hasn’t dropped since the incident and shows no sign of dropping they expect people to be there before the park even opens on Saturday to wait to ride the Texas giant which is many people’s favorite ride I feel that six flags should defiantly have more precautions and add the beeping to every ride but for now its major improvements if only it would have been earlier they could have saved this poor woman’s life

ARLINGTON, Texas -- Six Flags reopened the Texas Giant roller coaster Saturday for the first time since a rider died at the North Texas amusement park, with new precautions and warnings for people lining up more than an hour to board. The ride opened with redesigned restraint bars and new...
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