Roller Coaster Physics

Topics: Energy, Roller coaster, Potential energy Pages: 3 (365 words) Published: November 8, 2008
Amusement Park Physics

For: Mr Day

Due: 01/04/08

By Rhys Webb

Brief history of Roller Coasters2
Physics of roller coasters2
Roller coaster Design3
Analysis of Roller Coaster4
1st Slope4
2nd Slope4
1st Dip5
3rd slope5


The context of this report is to design and analyse a roller coaster within the parameters of: a maximum “g” force of “4g’s”, a length of 40 to 100 seconds and has to be constructed of metal rather than wooden trestles. This report also requires a qualitative and quantitative explanation of the theory and figures behind the analysis. Introduction

In this report there is a qualitative and quantitative explanation of the physics of a roller coaster and well as the figures which are retrieved via mathematical analysis of a roller coaster.

Brief history of Roller Coasters

The first basic roller coasters were first created in Russia in the 1780’s where a large wooden ramp would be constructed in winter and as the ice covered it people would ride sleds down it, these creations were called ‘Russian Mountains’. In 1804 the innovative idea was taken to France where Small wheels were added to the sleds to make the ‘Les Montagnes Russes’ or ‘Russian Mountains’ usable during summer and from there the roller coasters that don the theme parks where created. Physics of roller coasters

A roller coaster uses the principle of gravity, by putting in work against gravity to raise the cars of a roller coaster to a height a build up of potential energy begins to accumulate and once that peak is reached the potential energy becomes kinetic energy and by using the build up of kinetic energy the roller coaster reaches the next rise causing it to have another build up of energy. This repeats the entire way around the track until it comes to the end and the process repeats itself.

Roller coaster Design

Analysis of Roller Coaster


Refer to log book and attached booklet
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