Safeguarding Children

Topics: Child abuse, Abuse, Domestic violence Pages: 2 (292 words) Published: April 1, 2013
Safeguarding children
Sexual abuse
Sexual abuse is when someone is forced in to an unwanted sexual activity by one person on another, as by the use of threats or bullying
Signs of sexual abuse:
* Personality changes such as becoming insecure or clinging. * Being overly loving in a sexual way inappropriate to the child's age. * Become worried about clothing being removed.
* Medical problems such as chronic itching, pain in the genitals.

Physical abuse
Physical abuse is being violent or forceful. This violence is one person to another person. You can hurt another person, with this abuse. E.g. Holding someone down is also abuse.
Signs of abuse:
* Unexplained recurrent injuries or burns
* Aggression towards others
* Fear of physical contact - shrinking back if touched
* Wearing clothes to cover injuries, even in hot weather

Emotional abuse
Emotional abuse of a child is commonly defined as a pattern of behaviour by parents or caregivers that can seriously interfere with the childs overall development.
Signs of emotional development:
* Continual self-depreciation ('I'm stupid, ugly, worthless, etc') * Overreaction to mistakes
* Inappropriate response to pain (I deserve this)
* Neurotic behaviour (rocking, hair twisting, self-mutilation) Neglect
Neglect means to pay no attention or too little attention to a child. ( in other words  that a parent or a guardian doesn't take care of a child the way they should) Signs of neglect:
* Constant hunger
* Poor personal hygiene
* Constant tiredness
* Poor state of clothes
* Untreated medical problem
Bullying means when someone uses greater strength or influence to intimidate (someone), typically to force him or her to do what one wants. Signs of bullying:
* Be frightened of walking to and from school
* Change their usual route
* Not want you to go on the school
* Beg you to drive them to school
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