Safety Measures in the Chemistry Laboratory

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Safety measures in the chemistry laboratory

The mentors are responsible for instructing the competitors as to the risks to which they are subjected when working in a chemistry laboratory, as well as to the basic safety measures, and first aid. Specific behavioral and safety measures must be obeyed to prevent accidents.

Rules in the lab:

* Use protective clothing all the time (e.g. lab coat and safety glasses)

* Use a hair band to keep your hair away from your face.

* Do not smoke, eat or drink in the laboratory.

* Work carefully and follow the given instructions.

* Follow the safety instructions for handling chemicals (R/S classification).

* Do not leave the laboratory without permission.

* Keep the work place clean and organized.

* Do not put yourself or anyone else in danger.

* Does not cause panic in case of an unwanted chemical reaction, equipment damage or injury. Call the supervisor.

* Work in the fume cupboard:
* Whenever you work use hazardous or toxic substances,
* For every experiment where easily evaporable substances or chemicals are employed, * For experiments where flammable gases and vapors are produced, * working under vacuum

* Use electric heaters to heat the receptacles with flammable substances. Do not expose them to an open flame.

* Wear protective gloves and safety glasses while working with concentrated acids or alkalis, or whenever the mixture might react quickly and aggressively.

* In case a chemical comes in contact with your skin, immediately rinse the spot with water and neutralize if necessary. Remove the affected clothing. In case a chemical comes in contact with your eye(s), wash it (them) with running water (for at least 15 minutes). Call the supervisor.

* Do not pipette harmful or evaporable substances by mouth. Use a pipette bulb.

* You are allowed to work with compressed gases only in the presence and under the guidance of a mentor.

* Be very careful when working with vacuum. Wear safety glasses and use only the lab ware designated for evacuation.

* Disposal of the waste material:
* You are allowed to pour neutral or very dilute solutions down the drain, but with a lot of running water. Neutralize any acids and alkalis before pouring them down the drain. * Put any heavy metal waste in the designated container (heavy metals can be regenerated). * Pour organic solvents or extremely hazardous and toxic substances into the designated waste container. * Do not mix flammable liquids with oxidizing substances, as this can cause a fire!

* Before leaving the laboratory:
* Ensure that your work place is neat and clean.
* All the chemical containers must be closed and returned to their designated places. * Shut off the gas and water valves.
* Switch off the electric heaters and other equipment.
* Verify that there is no fire hazard.

* Wash your hands before leaving the laboratory


While working in the chemistry laboratory, you may encounter cuts, burns, injuries caused by chemicals (skin, eyes), or poisoning caused by inhaling poisonous vapors or swallowing poisonous substances. There is always a risk of fires, explosions and electric shocks. In order to avoid all these dangers in the laboratory, you need to respect the above mentioned safety measures. It is also important that you react in time to help yourself and others.

DO NOT CAUSE PANIC – This is the very first step in providing first aid.

CUTS are usually found on hands, and are mostly caused by glassware. Verify if there is a shred of glass, metal or other material in the wound. Use sterile tweezers to pull it out, cover the injury with a piece of sterile gauze or bandage, and apply pressure to stop the bleeding. In case of profuse bleeding, apply a compression bandage and seek medical help.

BURNS are usually...
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