Same-Sex Marriage

Topics: Homosexuality, Same-sex marriage, Marriage Pages: 5 (1825 words) Published: March 13, 2013
How many issues do you not agree with your neighbor or friends? There will always going to be controversial issues in the world. Everyone will not agree on how these issues should be approached or what the right side is supposed to be on the distinct issue. Same-sex marriage, which can be defined as marriage between two people of the same sex (“same sex marriage), has been a controversial issue for many years now. In this paper I will explain the opinion of the supporters of same-sex marriage, the opinion of the opposers of same-sex marriage, and my opinion of same-sex marriage.

The amount of supporters of same-sex marriage is constantly growing. During the year 2012, we have seen the first every President come out supporting same-sex marriage, which is a major push forward toward gaining legalized marriage. We have also seen same-sex marriage become a major issue in the presidential election. Both Democrats and Republicans chose which side of the same-sex marriage line that the party would belong. The Democrats chose to side with supporting same-sex marriage. The Democratic political party has only joined the growing group of supporters for same-sex marriage. They have joined some Christians, LGBT community, and other countries that have already made same-sex marriage legal.

Countries such as Spain, Sweden, South Africa, and Canada have already legalized same-sex marriage (Boies). These countries have supported same-sex couples in a world where many more countries have not. This is a bold move for many of the countries in the world, but it takes a brave group of people to step up in the forefront to fight for something that they believe is right. In the countries, mentioned above, that have legalized same-sex marriage, the only effect of this legalization has been an “increase in human happiness and social stability that comes from permitting people to marry for love” (Boies). If happiness and social stability are the outcomes of legalizing the marriage of same-sex couples then why have more countries allowed same-sex marriage. If more of the United States knew about the effects of legalizing a certain type of marriage, especially during this slump in our economy, then the country would definitely consider seriously passing a law allowing same-sex couples to marry.

At this point in time, the United States has had some changes in the way that the Supreme Court has dealt with the idea of same-sex marriage. First the Supreme Court has continually said that “the right to marry the person you love is so fundamental that states cannot abridge it” (Boies). This states that the Court has been changing to a view that every person, no matter his/her sexual preference, has the right to marry whomever he/she might be in love with. By allowing same-sex marriage the “welfare of society, families, and individuals” (Rath) is improved because of the loving relationship that takes place in many marriages, whether it is between a homosexual or heterosexual couple. This effects everyone in the United States, no matter your side of this controversial topic you should be involved in this opinion. For instance, the Supreme Court has decided that every person has the primary right to marry those that he/she might desire to marry (Boies). This right is not only for heterosexual couples, but also includes homosexual couples as well. This can be seen when the Supreme Court ruled in 2003 “that [the] states could not constitutionally outlaw consensual homosexual activity” (Boies). Overall, the idea of legalizing same-sex marriage has been changing not only in the world, but also in the United States.

The opposite view of same-sex marriage is opposition against it. There seems to be a decline in the amount of people that have a huge opposition to the legalization of same-sex marriage. One of the major opposers of same-sex marriage has been the Christian church. The way that the church tends to define marriage is between a man and a woman...
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