Same Sex Marriage

Topics: Same-sex marriage, Homosexuality, Marriage Pages: 1 (330 words) Published: May 12, 2013
Amanda Lewis
Sociology 201
Photo Essay Proposal
Prof. St. Pierre
Research Proposal
For my semester project I am doing a photo essay on same sex marriage and children. I am choosing This topic because I know same sex couples who are going to/already have children together. This topic also interests me because I have recently become very close with moms of a friend of my 2 year old daughter. Before this relationship flourished I did not have a close relationship with anyone in a same sex relationship, therefore I do not feel like I had an opinion on the matter; however as this family and mine grow closer I am becoming more aware of the challenges facing these couples but more importantly I have seen how they interact with each other as well as my family. Their family dynamic, although does not include a male, resembles my heterosexual marriage. For my project I will be examining the relationships between parents and children and how each partner functions to fulfill each other’s needs and the child’s needs. I will also be examining the inequality in marriage benefits these couples do not receive. I have found three journal articles so far that are helping me develop my essay. The first, Same-sex marriage: not a threat to marriage or children, address the issue of same-sex marriage and how it is not damaging to the relationships and circumstances important to the welfare of children. The second article, My two Dads, discusses how our countries legal system is falling behind in recognizing same sex relationships/marriages. Also how some states a=do not allow same sex adoption of children, thus denying them many of the benefits that a married couple receive. The third article, Lesbian and Gay Families with children: Implications of social science research for policy, provides research findings that lesbian and gay parents are as likely to as heterosexual couples to provide supportive home environments that have positive outcomes.
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