Same Sex Marriage

Topics: Marriage, Same-sex marriage, Homosexuality Pages: 3 (872 words) Published: July 14, 2013
Same-Sex Marriage

For thousands of years men and women have been united in marriage globally; but now, the issue of same-sex marriages has arisen. This is an issue that has divided politicians, governments and even everyday citizens. Many countries are now ‘switching the green light’ and legalising same-sex marriages. Australia however, still remains with its ‘red light flashing’, and disapproves the idea of same-sex marriages. I believe that legalising same-sex marriages will ultimately lead to the destruction of families, higher than ever marital issues and create a rift in beliefs. A recent poll has shown that approximately two thirds of Australians support gay marriage. But do they really know the associated consequences? And why is it so important for homosexual and lesbian couples to hold up their newly crafted marriage certificate and say ‘we’re married’, opposed to simply stating ‘we’re a happy couple’; without a certificate? Think back, way back to when humans were created. Did God genetically create two men, or two women to reproduce? A man and a woman were surely chosen to reproduce and share love for a reason. This tradition has been carried out for centuries, and it is the reason we are all here today. If the whole world turned gay, how would we reproduce? The world would eventually turn out like a barren wasteland, as no new offspring would be born. Legalising gay marriage may also lead to an exponential growth in same-sex couples seeking the all important marriage certificate. It may even lead to a point in time where straight people are persuaded into joining the ‘gay army’. The next issue that will arise is the difficulties associated with children adopted into same-sex families. Being different and being the minority will obviously cause a lack in self-confidence, which is linked to bullying. And at some point in the child’s life they are going to ask the question: “where’s mummy?” or “where’s daddy?”. Who will take on these crucial parental...
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