Same Sex Marriage

Topics: Marriage, Same-sex marriage, Homosexuality Pages: 2 (634 words) Published: November 16, 2013
Same-Sex Marriage Are We All Equal
Same sex marriage is bad for society according to Jocelyn Floyd whose a special counsel for the Thomas More Society. In her article, Jocelyn talks about the definition of marriage, why the government shouldn’t be involved and how children will get emotionally hurt. First and foremost, Floyd claims that “without children, we have no future”. In order to have children, a couple consisting of two opposite sex individuals should have sexual intercourse. Same sex couples cannot create children and therefore, will end the future sooner. Floyd questions, “why is the government involved in marriage?”. Think about it, the government doesn’t recognize anybody’s love for their best friend according to Floyd. But, after Illinois got sued by a small group of people for discriminating on the basis of one’s sexual orientation and ability to get married by law in the state of Illinois, per Floyd Judge Hall had to redefine the meaning of marriage in the Illinois marriage law. Floyd tells us that we should “focus on protecting children and ensuring their right to be raised by their mother and their father”. Is difficult to play the role of a mother and father and single parents have proven that. Same sex marriage will cause children to lose out on the mother/father parent love. That is why Floyd has suggested for “Illinois to focus on protecting and strengthening it, not undermining” I say Smith has made good points when explaining his point of view towards same sex couples living together, what they are known for, and why is okay as long as marriage doesn’t get redefine. First premise in the argument with which I agree, “I have no problem with same sex couples living together”. Second premise in the argument with which I agree, “We normally call them good friends or roommates”.

Third premise in the argument with which I agree, “ If you want to equalize estate planning or medical benefits for same sex couples, then change civil...
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