same sex marriage

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Same sex marriage
Marriage is joining of two people together with a bond of mutual understanding, love & cares that last forever. In our society marriage basically symbolizes the bond between a man & a woman but same sex marriage has also been a controversial social issue for several decades. Same sex marriage is the marriage between people of same gender identity and slowly gaining foothold around the world. It is worth noting that in five countries named The Netherland, Spain, Canada, Belgium and South Africa, people from LGBT (Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) family can marry with Canada providing equal rights to both homosexual and heterosexual couples. In other nations equal rights are not provided and some special residency requirements are imposed on these couples. In our society marriage is considered as the foundation for procreation and involves shouldering of many responsibilities jointly by the couples due to which the same sex marriage is not provided the equal consideration as they have no ability to reproduce their own child. But the LGBT families are much like the rest of the population, LGBT-parented families are diverse, and family members come from a variety of ethnic, racial, cultural, and class groups. The primary difference between LGBT parented and heterosexual-parented families is that the former live in a legal, public policy, social, and discursive context in which discrimination and prejudice on the basis of the parents’ gender or sexuality are a feature of day-to-day life. The ability of lesbian and gay parents to provide just as adequately as heterosexual parents for the social and emotional health of their children has been documented repeatedly in the research literature. Over two dozen studies have found that children raised by gay and lesbian parents were indistinguishable from children raised by heterosexual. It has also being found that homosexual parents are proved to be fit parents for their children in terms of providing them the love, care, well being and emotional support. Defining marriage and its aspects:

Marriage may be defined as an institution of complex set of personal values, social and religious norms and legal restrictions regulating intimate human relationship over the life time. Families in our societies are organized around marriage between a man and a woman providing benefits in terms of survival, shared responsibility and success. Norms created by the culture or society on the context of marriage encourages couples to devote their resources and life to each other and their kids indicating self binding commitment. Marriage not only involved the relationship between people marrying each other but their extended family, non blood relatives like friends and impersonal third parties like government church, tribe etc , require an intention of commitment for life and contain an expectation of reproducing the new generation. Marriage is also prohibited between the siblings and earlier was available to heterosexual couples. Canada and Belgium were the first countries to legalize same sex marriage in the world. Scandinavian countries following the same have developed some registered civil unions providing recognition and partial marital rights to same sex people marrying each other. An enormous debate continues around the world on the issue of same sex marriage including the countries like Canada, where fundamental premises have already been accepted. Some of the distinct aspects of a happy marriage are sexual relationship, love, conversation, friendship and companionship, procreation and child rearing, mutual understanding and responsibility. Although these factors are considered as the antecedents of a happy marriage but marriage can exist in the absence of one or more of these factors. In the society Marriage has three aspects first one is a civil right aspects. This aspect provide some governmental benefits to the married people which unmarried cannot...

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