Same-Sex Marriage

Topics: Homosexuality, Same-sex marriage, Marriage Pages: 3 (969 words) Published: October 8, 1999
Same-Sex Marriage

"Each individual's journey through life is unique. Some will make this journey alone, others in loving relationships- maybe in marriage or other forms of commitment. We need to ponder our own choices and try to understand the choices of others. Love has many shapes and colors and is not finite. It can not be measured or defined in terms of sexual orientation." (From the Statement of Affirmation and Reconciliation by the Quaker Meeting in Aotearoa, New Zealand.) Even though is it thought by many that marriage is mainly a religious agreement, it also creates a legal relationship between the couple and the state.

Currently there is much debate on homosexuals couples right to legalized marriage. There is much information available, both for and against. Two articles that are strongly in support of legalized same sex marriage are Iowa Representative Ed Fallon's speech to the House in 1996, and an article from the Partners Task Force for Gay and Lesbian Couples. One article that is strongly opposed to same sex marriage is an article written by Dr. Paul Cameron titled "Same Sex Marriage: Till Death Do Us Part?"

In a speech read to the United States House of Representatives on February 20, 1996, Iowa Representative Ed Fallon discussed why he is in support of the legalization of same sex marriage. He began his speech, by stating of this debate and how their vote would affect the public's point of view. He used the example of "red-baiting," from the 1950's, which today has become "pink-baiting." He felt that by creating gay and lesbian unions, instead of legalizing gay marriage, this would only reinforce homophobia and gay bashing. He stressed the idea that heterosexuals need only to accept homosexuals. In order to do this, Representative Fallon, stated that we need to put an end to fear and stereotypes, and start seeing each other as fellow human beings. He strongly believes that this is a civil rights issue, and poses no threat to the...
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