same sex marriage essay

Topics: Same-sex marriage, Homosexuality, Marriage Pages: 2 (403 words) Published: October 21, 2013

I. Attention-Getter: According to the US Census Bureau there are 168,000 self-reported same-sex couples in the United States. II. Thesis: Today, I want to bring to your attention to the discussion of same sex marriage in America and how it is being talked about today. III. Being a human rights issue, everyone should be interested and concerned about the issue. IV. Currently there are three main things when talking about same sex marriage, which are a. The religious or “moral” aspect of it.

b. Current legislative issues, or the “political lens”
c. Access to same sex marriage, or locations where it is currently “legal” Body

I. First main point: almost always when talking about gay marriage the religious aspect is brought up. a. Many religions, such as Christianity and Judiasm do not believe in accepting same sex couples as married. b. Homosexuality as a sin

c. Institutions of marriage, and the religious aspect (source: Bussey, 2013.) II. Second main point: the legislative lens is probably the most important issue when talking about gay marriage, seeing as it is the main stride that gay rights supporters need to overcome to achieve what they desire. a. Rights

a.i. Tax Exemptions (source: Koseff, 2013)
a.ii. Healthcare, hospitalization
a.iii. Others
b. Lobbying for and against, sides
b.i. Democratic
b.ii. Republican
b.iii. Exceptions
III. Third main point: Access to gay marriage licenses, how to obtain, where a. Locations (source: Semuels, 2013)
b. How does one obtain
IV. Signpost: Tying everything together, everyone concerned about human rights and religious affairs should be concerned about same sex marriage. V. Summary: Today I have communicated to you that there are three main points or lenses to view the gay marriage issue from a. Religious or “moral” lens

b. Legislative lens
c. Obtaining a license
VI. Clincher: No matter who you are, a woman, man, black, white, gay, lesbian, transgender, everyone should be...

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