Same Sex Marriage Rebuttal

Topics: Same-sex marriage, Marriage, Religion Pages: 2 (387 words) Published: June 29, 2012
Same Sex Marriage Article Rebuttal

The article I am choosing to rebute is an article that is about not only wanting to ban same sex marriage but also revoke same sex partnership laws as well. In the argument the author basically says that same sex marriage is what has cause all youth to be ill mannered and unlawful, also states that children who are raised in same sex marriage homes are less smart, unstable, and generally do not perform as well as children from traditional homes. The most important thing in the article was about same sex marriage and the fact that if same sex marriage is allowed it will lead to polygamy and podophile acts being legal as well because it is nearly the same thing in the eyes of god.

There are many things to rebute in this article nearly everything in my opinion lacks credibility because it all sounds like an opinion since there are very few statistics to back up the information and the conclusions that are met are extremely far fetched. He speaks about children performing lower on all levels when coming from a same sex marriage environment, however there are many successful children that come from same sex homes and many criminals that come from traditional so linking the two has more to do with environment and economic stability within the home then what kind of parents the child has. When it comes to the argument that allowing same sex marriage is like allowing polygamy or pedophile acts is not accurate same sex marriage is still one person being married to only other person and in no way has to do with the laws protecting children from acts of a pedophile.

Overall I found that this article was absolutely not a debate at all because it was based purely on opinion and religious belief. I don’t think there is a person that would argue that it is ok to be a pedophile and very few that would argue for polygamy. That said this article had several red flags to me because I feel like it was mostly opinion and religion based...

References: 06/11/2008. Joel Hiliker Columnist. Why Same Sex Marriage Should Be Illegal. Retrieved from
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