Say Yes to Homosexual Marriage

Topics: Homosexuality, Same-sex marriage, Marriage Pages: 3 (1116 words) Published: January 5, 2013
say ‘ YES’ to homosexual marriage

everyone can marry the person they love, the murderers, the corrupt official, the beggar , the thief , the old spinster can get married. Gay, however, cannot. marriage is the last process and expression of love. Traditionally, marriage is an institution and promise about a man and a woman to live forever and form a kinship under the law. Our city – Hong Kong thinks homosexuality is unacceptable. Homosexuality can be classified into two categories: gay and lesbian which a man loves a man and a woman loves a woman respectively. It is a sexual orientation that one can in love with others that share the same sex. Homosexuality marriage is a kind of marriage between two people in same sex or gender. Why homosexual marriage should not be encouraged? A marriage is simply about two people love each other and willing gives a commitment for the relationship. It shouldn’t be banned since gay marriage encourage people to build up a stronger family ties, love is first-rated in terms of marriage and it’s unrelated of gay marriage to trigger other improper forms of marriage .So same-sex couples should have the same legal right of marriage as different-sex couples.

The biggest argument for people against same-sex marriage is that it will totally damage and spoil the value of family and affect society in some ways. However, it’s far beyond the truth. As for today, there are lots of sexual problems and sexually transmitted disease in our society such as AIDS. It is the result of improper, unprotected and careless sexual relation. To allow same-sex marriage can help people to build a strong family belief and minimize the problems of the improper sexual lifestyle in society. Marriage is an encouragement asking people to settle down for your partner and is a promise that two in loved people will work to build their own life. Strasser (2006) stated that homosexual marriage sometimes give a helping hand in rebuilding relationship between...
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