School Psychology

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Kerra Leep
School Psychology
The responsibilities of school psychologists extend well beyond lending an ear to uneasy parents and troubled administrators about the academic struggles of a student.1 For example, as a researcher, they go through test scores to analyze whether a child is a candidate for special services.2 Other techniques used to assess a child's needs include observation, review of school records, and consultation with parents and school personnel.3 Administration is also a critical component of the occupation, as school psychologists are responsible for maintaining special education reports, confidential records, records of services provided, and behavioral data.4 Although you may know a majority of school psychologists work in the school system, they can also work in other places such as residential treatment centers, mental health agencies, or state their own private practice. A master’s degree is required along with completing a three-year program, 6o hours of coursework and 1200 hours for an internship. School psychologists are highly trained in both psychology and education, completing a minimum of a specialist-level degree program (at least 60 graduate semester hours) that includes a yearlong supervised internship.5 School psychologists must be certified and/or licensed by the state in which they work, as well as being nationally certified by the National School Psychology Certification Board (NSPCB). A passing score on the Praxis II exam in school psychology is also required. School psychologists do a lot more than you would think. For example, they work with the students to provide counseling, mentoring, and instructions. They also increase achievement, promote wellness and resilience, and enhance understanding and acceptance. They also work with students and their families, teachers, administrators, and community providers.6 School psychologists help children and youth succeed academically, socially, behaviorally,...
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