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Indoor Air Pollution

Resources: Chapter 19 of Environmental Science and the EPA web site, “Introduction to Air Quality”. Retrieved from,

Complete the following chart:

Health effects
Is Your Risk Level Acceptable?
Sustainable Replacements, when appropriate
Natural decay of uranium found in almost all soils.
Radon leaks into homes through walls, floors, and water (EPA, 2014). Lung cancer (EPA, 2014)
Unknown (EPA, 2014)
Seal cracks and build vent system (EPA, 2014).
Not applicable (EPA, 2014)
Natural decay of nature breaking down dead organic matter and reproducing tiny spores that is invisible to the naked eye. Mold must have moisture to grow (EPA, 2014). Allergen, Mycotoxins, Dermatitis, (EPA, 2014)

Unknown (EPA, 2014)
Reduce humidity, Increase ventilation, Cover cold surfaces, Increase air temperature (EPA, 2014) Not applicable (EPA, 2014)

Flammable gas that has a strong odor. Used in resins, building materials, household products and fertilizers and pesticides (EPA, 2014). Irritation of the skin, eyes, nose and throat. High levels may cause some types of cancer (EPA, 2014). Low (EPA, 2014)

Reduce breathing the air containing formaldehyde such as fumes from burning composite wood. Increase ventilation (EPA, 2014). Hardwood replacements, Compliant composite woods (EPA, 2014). Lead

Lead is a naturally occurring element found in small amounts in the earth’s crust (EPA, 2014). In Children
Behavior and learning problems, Slowed growth, Hearing problems and anemia (EPA, 2014). Pregnant women reduced growth of the fetus and premature birth (EPA, 2014) Other adults
Cardiovascular effects, decreased kidney function and reproductive problems (EPA, 2014). Moderate (EPA, 2014)
Maintain all paint services (EPA, 2014). Address water damage. Keep your home clean and dust-free. Wash children hands, bottles...
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