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Ch 1 Interpretive Exercise

Mr. Brown, a second-grade teacher, is concerned about Ed, one of the students in his class. On the basis of his observations, he reports that Ed never completes any of the classroom work that he is assigned, and he reads at a beginning first grade level. He suspects that Ed has a learning disability and refers him for a special education evaluation. The school psychologist, Dr. Long, administers an intelligence test to asses Ed's cognitive abilities. She assigns Ed to a class for students with Learning Disabilities and develops an Individualized Education Program for this setting. She then sends Ed's parents a letter, informing them that Ed has a learning disability, and invites them to a meeting to describe the IEP she has developed for Ed.

1) According to the above scenario, which one of Mr. Brown's actions is MOST inconsistent with the intent of special education policies and legislation? A) observing Ed during reading without his parents' permission B) talking to the school psychologist about Ed's reading ability C) referring him before attempting to meet his needs

D) failing to administer a standardized reading test prior to referral

2) Given the above scenario, Dr. Long made the right decision when she assigned Ed to a class for students with Learning Disabilities.

3) If the results of Ms. Long's evaluation reveal that Ed has a learning disability, no additional evaluations need to be completed prior to making a decision about special education placement.

4) Ed's parents should be involved in the above scenario at the following points: A) When Mr. Brown first notices that Ed is having difficulties. B) During the creation of Ed's individualized education program. C) During the evaluation of their Ed's eligibility for special education. D) All of the above.

5) Revise the above case description so that the actions of school personnel are in compliance with special education policies and...
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