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For the past two years I am working in telecommunication industry. There are three biggest operators in Lithuania Bite, Omnitel and Tele2. I work in Bite so first scorecard I wrote about that company. Second scorecard we have to write about competitor, so I decided to choose Omnitel.

Shortly about company: Omnitel is one of the biggest telecommunication сcompanies in the Baltic’s. It belongs to TeliaSonera group since 2004. This year company made rebranding to create image closer to TeliaSonera group. Company changed brand color to purple (was blue) and font of the letters. The most important company came with new slogan: “Clients are firs!” which means that they plan to pay more attention to customer needs and experiences. It also shows that company focused on a new strategy with a specific orientation to customers instead of technologies what helped to become number one in a Lithuanian telecommunication market before.


1. From a customers point of view (How do we look at market place?)

3 biggest communication companies in Lithuania are compared all the time. Resent researches showed that omnitel is still in a firs place, however private clients is less happy with the company than business. Private clients are more price sensitive and has less ”power” in order to get exceptional (lower) prices than big business clients. Omnitel is seen as the most expensive operator and the one who brings most of innovations to the market. This year they made rebranding and presented new slogan orientated to customer experience. They organized huge concerts for clients, renewed outlets but no changes is seen in behaviour or services, and from the side new strategy looks fake. Maybe not enough time passed and we just don’t see the changes.

2. Internal processes (What must we excel to obtain our...
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