Sec 11 CasesFor each of the

Topics: The Streets, Ethics, Property Pages: 1 (422 words) Published: December 12, 2014

Sec 1.1 Cases

For each of the following cases, indicate your decision and explain WHY you answered that way.

1. Bill is very upset that his basketball team is losing the championship game to the Stallions of Shelby High. He considers deliberately injuring the Stallions’ top center, but decides not to because he would not like the same thing to happen to him. Did Bill make an ethical decision? Why or why not?

yes he did because injuring another player would go aginst your morales. 2. Danny makes copies of the geometry test his class will take the next day and passes them around. He justifies his actions by saying that he is helping the majority of the class by giving them advance copies of the test. Is his reasoning ethically correct?

no because that is cheating and its wrong
3. Robert is a homeless man who lives on the streets of Manhattan. One night he is hungry, so he steals a hot pretzel and a soda from a street vendor. He defends his theft by saying that he is entitled to the food, he is hungry, and he will use it for nourishment, while the street vendor will only sell it to make a profit. Why is the theft wrong despite Robert’s feelings?

because its aginst the law to steal.
4. Anna does not have the admission fee to get into an amusement park. She convinces her friend Steven to let her hide in the trunk of his car so that she can sneak into the park. She defends her actions by saying that the loss to the amusement park is “intangible” because no one was hurt and because she did not really take anything of value. She also says that she is just a teenager who doesn’t have as much money as the rich owners of the park. Why is the theft wrong despite Anna’s feelings?

yes because its technically stealing and not fair to those who paid to get in. 5. Wendy skips her third period class so that she can visit her boyfriend during his lunch break. The next day, Kelsey, a student assistant in the guidance office, tells her that the...
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