Selecting and Developing Global Manager

Topics: Management, Adaptation, Cross-cultural communication Pages: 3 (641 words) Published: January 18, 2011
oTechnical expertise and knowledge are used as the most important selection criteria. oLeadership qualities.
oGood organizational skills and adaptability.
Kealey’s model for overseas effectiveness.
E (Effectiveness) = F (Professional expertise + Adaptation + Intercultural interaction + Situational readiness) Explianation Kealey’s model:
oA successful international assignment, managerial effectiveness is the ability to live and work effectively in the cross-cultural setting of an assignment. oEffectiveness is a function of professional expertise, ability to adapt to one’s host country, intercultural communication skill to interact with the locals, and situational readiness such as having family that is willing, able, probably excited to take the assignment.

Women as global manager
Reason for not select women:
Protect them from imaginary difficulties in foreign countries •Foreign women are not expected to act like local woman and being foreign more noticeable.

2)Training and preparation for international assignment

Two dimensions:
Represent the intensity of the exposure.
Eg. Short term, technical trouble shooting matter, negotiation oDuration of stay

Approaches: Training framework (pg 220)
oLonger stays and moderate level integration, language training, role plays critical incident, case studies and stress reduction training are suggested. oPeople who will be living abroad for one to three years and experience high level of integration to culture, extensive language training, sensitivity training, field experience and simulation are recommended training technique.

Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA)
To facilitate productive integration, more training provided to expatriate along with their new co-worker. •During expatriate stay, periodic “refresher” or debriefing session are held. •Expatriate’s spouses and family provided the same training and...
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