Self Assessment Questionnaire

Topics: Culture, Multiculturalism, Communication Pages: 3 (390 words) Published: September 3, 2013
Self-Assessment of Cultural Competence

As a member of an organization, the knowledge you have of yourself and others is important and reflected in the ways you communicate and interact. This individual assessment instrument was developed to assist you in reflecting upon and examining your journey toward cultural competence.  

The following statements are about you and your cultural beliefs and values as they relate to the organization. Please check the ONE answer that BEST DESCRIBES your response to each of the statements.  

|Individual Assessment |Almost |  |  |Almost | | |Always |Often |Sometimes |Never | |1. I reflect on and examine my own cultural background, biases and prejudices related to race, culture | | | | | |and sexual orientation that may influence my behaviors. | | | | | |2. I continue to learn about the cultures of the consumers and families served in the program, in | | | | | |particular attitudes towards disability; cultural beliefs and values; and health, spiritual, and | | | | | |religious practices. | | | | | |3. I recognize and accept that the consumer and family members make the ultimate decisions even though | | | | | |they may be different compared to my personal and professional values and beliefs. |...
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