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Topics: Educational psychology, Motivation, Learning Pages: 18 (5059 words) Published: March 18, 2013
The key to successful learning to self-regulated learning
This article was published in the Quarterly Journal of Curriculum and Instruction, 5 1, 145-164 I. Foreword
Self-regulated learning (self-regulated learning) in recent years, educational psychology collar Domain topic of popular attention, many education scholars and policy makers, and even as One of the main objectives of formal education, students leaving school can continue through this can Force guide to lead their own learning (Boekaerts, 1997).

Self-adjustment involving personal (cognitive, emotional), behavior and context to Degree of activity (Lindner, 1993; Boekaerts, 1997; Zimmerman, 1998), a He can be aware of the requirements of the job he faced and can self-regulated learning students Force, he has a high sense of self-efficacy, and learning outcomes often attributed to their own can control Parts (such as the efforts and strategies to use, etc.), he also has a set of effective strategies for solving problems and Timely use of these strategies (Perry, 1998), In addition, he can develop migration in not Context, with the study of knowledge, skills and attitudes (Boekaerts, 1999). Currently, self Regulated learning is the key to successful learning, so that the concept of successful learning re Defined under (Lindner & Harris, 1993; Boekaerts, 1999). This article will introduce and The concept of self-regulated learning and to assist students in the development of self-regulated learning. II definition of self-regulated learning

Self-adjustment of learning the word is a complex construct, and it does not come from the same theory The views (Lindner & Harris, 1993), but while in many areas of research (e.g. Activity Machine, cognitive or metacognitive field) at the junction point (Alexander, 1995; Boekaerts, 1999), together with the different scholars define different, so there are many different theories hereby Summarized the domestic and foreign literature related as follows: Domestic literature:

Lin Ching-Shan, Biing-Lin Cherng (1995) that self-regulated learning: "learner motivation On the target, action, strategy, actively involved in their own learning process. "One of the Including motivation, goal setting, action control and learning strategies ingredients. Liu Peiyun (89) that self-regulated learning: in the learning process, through meta The interaction of cognitive, meta-motivation and meta emotional control strategy action (action control Wang Jinguo (2001), the key to successful learning to self-regulated learning. Curriculum and Instruction, 5 (1) ,145-164. course of strategy) to prevent interference, to maintain and achieve their goals. "The so-called action control Strategy is individual in the learning process, in order to maintain a current intention, excluded from the process goals Possible interference factors taken contingency strategy.

Hong Fuyuan (89) that self-regulated learning: Personal In order to achieve a certain task, While setting goals, using existing satisfaction strategy (content strategy), monitoring target Reached the status of progress, and adjust their own thoughts, feelings, behavior cycle. ' Second, foreign literature:

Fox (1993) that self-regulated learning metacognition in the learning process, In this process, students monitor and adjust their learning strategies. Monitoring activities include inspection work within Capacity, judgment difficult points and assessment into the backward situation, in addition, he can predict the result of the activities. Trawick & Corno (1995) pointed out that the self-regulated learning involves volitional control (Volitional control), motivation the table and cognitive activities at three levels, which volitional control Including the goal of conservation and resource management course; motivational factors, including goal setting and successful period Wang; cognitive activities include self-monitoring and strategy use. BJ Zimmerman & DH Schunk will be defined...
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