Self Regulated Learning

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Self-Regulated Learning

"Learning is what most adults will do for a living in the 21st century." (Alfred Perlman). As he said, there is no doubt that learning is a very important skill especially in modern society because of the knowledge explosion and rapid developing of information technology. However, there are different results with different learning methods. Good learning method can lead to success easier, on the contrary, poor learning method means wasting time and energy. Therefor, self-regulated learning is presented by numerous eminent scholars as a excellent learning method. "Self-regulated learning is not a mental ability or an academic performance skill; rather it is the self-directive process by which learners transform their mental abilities into learning skill." (Zimmerman 2001). This definition is offered by Barry Zimmerman who is one of the foremost researchers on self-regulated learning. Self-regulated learning emphasizes autonomy and control by the individual who monitors, directs and regulates actions toward goals of information acquisition, expertise, and self-improvement.(Paris and Paris 2001). It refers to one's ability to understand and control one's learning environment. In general, scholars think there are three most important components of self-regulated learning, they are metacognition, learning strategy and motivation. In practice, self-regulated learning is a very useful skill especially for students be more successful. The research from Perry's team shows students who are self-regulated learners belive that opportunities to take on challenging tasks, practice their learning, develop a deep understanding of subject matter, and exert effort will give rise to academic success. (Perry et al. 2006). Above all, self-regulated learning have three most important components which are metacognition, learning strategy and motivation, these can help students be more successful in their academic endeavors.

First, metacognition...
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