Several methods of dewaxing and the operation process is introduced

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Meathod dewaxing process:
Meathod is the use of wax molecules at low temperature of hydrophilic, enrichment of wax molecules by dilute alkali liquor, and wax crystallization.Oil, acid less than 0.05% (FFA) in 15 ℃ or so into the crystallizer, refrigerant cold quickly to 1 ~ 7 ℃ and with low shear force and high cycle blender mixing, promote wax crystallization.Again according to the rice bran extract ( concentration of 20% ~ 40% to 1% ~ 3% of the low temperature lye, to keep temperature not to exceed 8 ℃, agitating continuously 15 ~ 20 minutes, drive centrifuge separation after demulsification.Its operation is the key, phosphoric acid and adding method at low temperature. Method of coagulant dewaxing process:

By the method of coagulant dewaxing, frozen waxy oil is to 9 ~ 13 ℃, then stir, add theory alkaline neutralization of free fatty acids.Concentration of 15 ° alkali used Be 'left and right sides, stir in 60 ~ 70 RPM cases 1 ~ 1.2 hour, add 0.1% of the oil heavy aluminium sulfate (aqueous solution with the concentration of 13.6% ~ 13.6%), continue to stir 1 ~ 1.2 hours, terminal temperature shall not exceed 17 ℃, and then after the separation, XianDi and drying, for a quick dewaxing oil products. The operation of the urea dewaxing process:

Urea dewaxing method is by adding urea solution containing wax molecules cocrystallization a dewaxing method.Will first waxy oil alkali refining by conventional method, and then cold from around 10 ℃, dispersant 3% of urea (with a saturated aqueous solution), stir crystallization 20 ~ 24 hours, the centrifugal separation, washing and drying for a quick dewaxing oil products. Urea dewaxing method and conventional method namely pure kernel recycle station ( equipment general, dewaxing rate is higher, the residual urea removal can be combined with subsequent working procedure, but the urea decomposition product ammonia caused environmental pollution,...
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