sex before marriage

Topics: Marriage Pages: 2 (734 words) Published: December 8, 2013
Brittney Boatman
Dr. Lee
Sex before marriage
November 30, 2013
Sex before marriage
The play “Before Breakfast” by Eugene O’Neal is a prime example of a dysfunctional marriage that was built on a weak foundation. Mr. and Mrs. Rowland built their marriage on the result of their lust, Mrs. Rowland becoming pregnant. The death of their baby made their marriage miserable. Mrs. Rowland stayed married because of all the benefits she gained from it like going up a social class, she was use to the routine she had the appearance she was putting on and the fact that she was the breadwinner in the relationship. One of the benefits Mrs. Rowland received was moving up a social class. When they got married Mrs. Rowland went from being the low class grocery store owner’s daughter to the wife of a Harvard graduates wife and the daughter in law to a millionaire. If she got divorced she would lose all that; “I’m about sick of all this life. I’ve a good notion to go home, if I wasn’t too proud to let them know what a failure you’ve been-you the millionaire Rowlands only son, the Harvard graduate, the poet, and the catch of the town”(1284). If Mrs. Rowland leaves her husband she will be ashamed of herself for letting her marriage be a failure. Divorcing Mr. Rowland would force her to return to her life pre-marriage, she would lose all of her titles she gained and the social status she also gained by being his wife. Mrs. Rowland is use to the married life, its apart of her routine now and she is comfortable with it. Despite how she feels about her husband she continues to take care of him and put his needs first. She starts off her day by making her husband breakfast like she does every morning; “Hmm! I suppose I might as well get breakfast ready- not that there’s anything much to get” (1282). Another part of her routine is having the same argument with him that she does every day since they have the same argument every day she doesn’t have to wait on his answer anymore she...
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