Sex before marriage

Topics: Sexual intercourse, Marriage, Human sexual behavior Pages: 2 (1379 words) Published: August 25, 2014

What makes a lasting relationship in today’s society? Is it based primarily on sexual chemistry, or the act of physical sexual relations? Over the years, studies have been conducted to find what harm or help may come from sexual relations before marriage ( Not only is their scientific research to show that premarital relations could increase relations ship issues after marriage, but there is spiritual debate as well. Many religions frown upon the idea of premarital relations as well. While reading this research paper, ponder upon how people may be affected psychologically from premarital sex when things in regards to the relationship go wrong, let alone while they are going right. This paper will touch on arguments to support A.)Why premarital sex should be engaged in

B.) Different studies conducted to support why premarital sex should not be engaged in and C.) Premarital sex studies
Why premarital sex should be engaged in
Today, as there is a rise in premarital sex, there also is a rise in relationships that do not last long as well as a rise in people wanting to prolong marriage all together. For this reason, many feel no need to wait to engage in sexual activity before getting married. Few reasons people feel that you shouldn’t wait are the fact that it is important to know what you are getting yourself into, helps one to mature sexually understanding their bodies better/what helps them to peak sexually, and sex being a powerful brain stimulant which can help increase daily function ( By having intercourse before marriage, you get to experience your partner and decipher if they you’re your sexual desires. For many sex is a key point in relationship survival. When one has sex...

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