Sex Outside Marriage

Topics: Marriage, Sexual intercourse, Human sexuality Pages: 9 (3428 words) Published: February 6, 2013

1.0.0 Introduction------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------2 2.0.0 Some Definitions of sex outside marriage---------------------------------------------------4 2.0.1 Secular------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------4 2.0.2 The Bible----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------4

3.0.0 Counselling a Woman who had extra marital affairs with another man--------------5
3.0.1 Presentation of Problem--------------------------------------------------------------------5
3.0.2 My Counselling Advice---------------------------------------------------------------------6 4.0.0 The Bible view of Sex outside marriage-----------------------------------------------------9 4.0.1 The Bible vaccine against sex outside marriage-------------------------------------9 5.0.0 Resultant effects of having sex outside wedlock-----------------------------------------11 6.0.0 Summary-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------13 7.0.0 Conclusion-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------14

Very many of the problems about which people generally seek counselling help are associated with marriage and family life. The most affecting and talked about is the issue of sex outside marriage which is the most oiling factor in marriage breakdown nowadays. I want to consider Sex outside marriage as the highest syndrome motivating any marriage breakdown in any society. It is really an injustice to marriage, because marriage was contracted to be ONLY between HUSBAND and WIFE (Genesis 1:28; 2:24). There is no society anywhere in the World that enjoys or allows sex outside of marriage for any reason whatsoever. No wonder Martin Luther king jr. had said ‘’injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere” Sex outside marriage is said to mean: To chastise; unfaithfulness; immorality; injustice; Lust, adultery. 1 My choice of writing on this topic has been to offer advice where necessary and to help people sense that as we come to issues of having extra marital affairs outside our married homes we are dealing on issues that God frowns at. To live rightly with God with reference to marriage is to live sacramental. Since marriage is so close to the heart of God and therefore indulging in sex outside marriage is breaking the marriage vows and would be tantamount to disregarding God’s divine will and orders.

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Another reason for writing on the topic is the great alarming rate of threat to marriage break in the Christian society these days. As the Barna group had said no to those people who said that surely Christian divorce is less than non-believers, the figures are identical. 2 Besides, we have gone through upheavals in our culture with regard to this issue (sex outside marriage). This I feel is the right time for an attempt to give a counselling advice to this disease of marriage. As Christians we need a fresh articulation of what it means to live faithfully with our partners and those who are considering the Christian faith deserve some indication of what they might expect if they become followers of Christ. Because man is sinful, we often fail in our marriages and in our family living. True Repentance, Forgiveness and Reconciliation are needed in every marriage and every family, as husband and wife learn to live with each other and with the children as clearly stated in Ephesians 4:32. 3 In this write up counselling, the Biblical aspect is given precedence over the...

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