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Turn on the TV, radio, or pick up a magazine from the newsstand and what is the number one head line SEX. In a society where sex is every direction you go, how you could not think that having sex out of wed lock is morally wrong

“marriage, considered not as a mere legal convention, but, rather, as a two-in-one-flesh communion of persons that is consummated and actualized by sexual acts of the reproductive type, is an intrinsic (or, in our parlance, ‘basic’) human good.”3

In the case of the sexual act of a married couple, their act of physically or organically becoming one (organic unity) is the common good, the shared pursuit of which (unity of action) also brings about or enhances their interpersonal unity (unity of persons). But if the participants in a sexual act do not become physically or organically one, then, whatever goods they may be seeking as ulterior ends, their immediate goal is mere pleasure or illusory experience.23

Should sex always be tied up with love and/or the desire to reproduce? Are sexual relations limited to marriage only, and for the purpose of procreation? From the viewpoint of Aristotle's Virtue Ethics, for instance, casual sex would be seen as a deviation from the appropriate way to conduct a good human life since it is an excess of the standard norm with the standard norm being sex within marriage/ a loving relationship. On the other hand, Alan Goldman’s Plain Sex, presents a different view of sex. He thinks that sexual desire is simply the desire for contact with another person’s body and for the pleasure such contact produces. (268) I believe that sexual relations are for enjoyment and pleasure. The real question here then is, are sexual relations outside marriage morally relations This view permits causal sex on the grounds that we need not consider sex as being inseparable from love or the conception of life.

Within marriage, sex serves as the ultimate physical expression of love and unity. Because in...

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