Sexual Experience

Topics: Sexual intercourse, Pregnancy, Birth control Pages: 2 (438 words) Published: April 1, 2013
Sakin Burt
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Dr. Falls

First Sexual Experience

First sexual intercourse is an important life event that many adolescents consider a turning point in their personal development engaging in consensual sexual activity enables young people to negotiate physical partnerships and explore their sexual identity. For heterosexual youth, initiation of first sexual intercourse is associated with other life course transitions such as marriage and childbirth. Are people less likely to discuss birth control with their first sexual partners? And—among those who do not use birth control—are they more likely to want a pregnancy at first sexual intercourse? In doing so, we examine disability both as a function of specific limiting conditions as well as the severity in which the condition limits the youth.

In this paper the researcher chose to use questionnaires and surveys to research in examining people with and without disabilities and how that affects their first sexual experience. Research suggests that greater levels of communication about birth control could be more complicated for adolescent girls with disabilities. One challenge may be lack of knowledge. An analysis of Add Health data finds no difference in sexual knowledge between girls with and without physical disabilities. However, other research suggests that these adolescents are or have a low level of knowledge about sexuality because people with disabilities usually do not participate in sex education classes.

Quantitative research, personal interviews, survey

Statistical Analysis
These studies suggest that those who do not use contraception at first sexual intercourse may be more likely than those who do use contraception to want a pregnancy. Using a survey researchers found that a The total number of sample for their analysis includes 2,729 adolescents with a subsample of 808 young persons who reported not using birth control at first sexual...
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