Should the Homogeneous Marriage Be Legalized?

Topics: Homosexuality, Same-sex marriage, Marriage Pages: 6 (1992 words) Published: March 1, 2009
In USA, the number of same sex couples increased by 30% in the United States from 2000 to 20005. (Gates, 2006, P.2) And similar situation happened all over the world. Because of the increasing number of homosexuals, legalizing homogeneous marriage becomes a hot topic. There are five countries and one state now performing homogeneous marriage. And many countries are debating this issue. Traditionally, marriage is a union of a man and a woman. And the new concept of marriage, homogeneous marriage, is marriage between two women or two men. What are they pros and cons of legalizing homogeneous marriage? In this essay, we will discuss the points in negative side and affirmative side.

Let’s talk about the negative side first. Someone might object by saying that homogeneous marriage is destructive to traditional marriage structure. Marriage has been considered as the union of a man and a woman throughout centuries. The opponents think that homogeneous marriage, marriage between two women or two men, affect the traditional form of marriage. It is because homogeneous marriage changes the component of marriage. From “one man and one woman” to “two women” or “two men”. Actually, what we call tradition is not always true. Traditional marriage has undergone several changes throughout decades. For example, Polygamy was legal in the past. Interracial marriage and divorce was prohibited in the past. But nowadays, polygamy has been prohibited and interracial marriage and divorce becomes legal. In fact, marriage structure is dynamic. What we think traditionally true may be false now. The concept of tradition can be changed in respond to the change of customs and protocols. Therefore, saying that homogeneous marriage is destructive to tradition is not correct because the concept of tradition marriage is not always true and has been undergone many changes.

Opponent may argue that homosexual behavior increases the probability of AIDS transmission. “In the last decade tens of thousands of gay men have died of AIDS.”(Dudley, 1993, P.164) So homogeneous marriage can not be legalized. In fact, it is not true. Both homosexual and heterosexual contacts have a probability to transmit HIV. No matter which type of contact, the only method to prevent HIV is having safe sex. Figure 1 below shows the share of transmission categories in newly diagnosed AIDS cases 1985-2003 in Europe. We know that in 1985, homo/bisexual male do have the highest percentage of AIDS cases. (60%) However, in 2003, the percentage dropped to 20%, even lower than heterosexual contact cases. With the increasing number of homosexuals but declining percentage of AIDS cases. We can conclude that homosexual contact does not increase the likelihood of AIDS transmission.

Opponents also argue that neither lesbians nor gays can reproduce by themselves, they can only use sperms (or eggs) donation to reproduce or by adoption. They claim that homosexual marriage should not be legalized because of the infertility of homosexual couples. Actually, there was a technology breakthrough in UK which brings hope to homosexual partners. Scientists successfully nurtured sperms from mouse embryonic stem cells and used them to fertilize eggs. As a result, seven mice were born. In theory, this technology can also apply to human. Artificial sperms can be made from female stem cells and vice versa. Therefore, a lesbian can make artificial sperms from her stem cells. And use them to fertilize her partner’s eggs. Then they can reproduce by themselves. Two gays can use this method too. All they need is just a substitute mother. Homosexuals can also reproduce by themselves. This argument is also a fallacy of complex question. It mistakenly link marriage and reproduction together. Reproduction is not a necessary condition for marriage. Governments do not require their citizens to have babies after they get married. And the focus of marriage nowadays is relationship rather than have a son to carry on...
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