Six Flags

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It was a warm summer day. I was looking out the car window and read a sign that says six flags and I looked at my cousin victoria and told her were here. She said I knew because she the rides while I was asleep. It took us like a twenty min to find a parking spot because it was a Saturday and it was crowded. We finally found one and got it. Since it was such a long car ride we all got out and stretched. Now we were headed towards the park. Me my cousin Victoria, Cindy, Kristina, Diana, and my friend Paul, mike, Stacy, Sam, and Jake were all so excited to go on the big roller coasters.

I’m afraid of heights yet I still love to ride roller coasters. Once we got to Six flags we already had our season passes so we headed to the main ride that we wanted to go on, “The Superman.” There was no line there so we headed straight to the first cars. I sat next to Victoria. Paul was behind me and next to Jake. The first drop was 220 feet straight down. On the left side I was right next to the river, on other side Sam was facing the park. For about ten seconds we were all weightless. At the bottom of the drop we were going 75 miles per hour. It was the best roller coaster I have ever been on. We all decided to go on it two more times in a row before we finally decided to go find another ride.

After the ride we couldn’t decide what other ride we should go on. I decided that we should stop and eat really quickly because we haven’t eaten anything in a awhile. So I was looking and any random place and I saw turkey leg. Then I let everyone know, and they all agree that we should stop and eat some turkeys. When we went to the line we all looked at the menu and the turkeys were really expensive but since we are so hungry we just figured we should just buy it and because one leg was so big. We all had one and enjoyed it a lot. Now that we all got something to eat we were ready to ride on some more rides.

So we were walking and we saw a spiny ride...
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