slavery in colonial America

Topics: American Civil War, Slavery, Slavery in the United States Pages: 5 (1972 words) Published: December 13, 2013
Slavery took place in Colonial America in a complicated way. Around 1960 historians describe slavery in certain in a way, which leads them to think that there is differences between Whites and Blacks when it comes to intelligence, civilization, morality or physical capacity. All of the sudden White starting to think they should be the leader of people from Africa. They think that people from Africa should be the one doing all the hard work. Then the Civil right movement began in the 20th century, which lead historians to rethink about race and also, that African are just as smart and capable of doing the things that White people are capable of doing. Slavery then became racial slowly in colonial America, which means slavery were force labor and was not dealt with race. The thing is not all forced laborers were black and to be black did not mean they were enslaved. Most of the Africans in America were enslaved. From early moments in the history of slave traders came to Jamestown around 1690 and in Massachusetts by 1630. Slavery began to grow slowly from east to west until after the American Revolution, slavery was not well know in the south at this time. Many of the men In Jamestown was indentured servants they were brought to America to work without pay under a rich white person for many years before they could become free. Indentured was over used during this time before slavery became well known. So for example the African that were brought to Jamestown in 1619 were not brought to be slave they were brought to be indentured servants. Some Africans were enslaved but they all had the same status as White indentured servants. White and black indentured servants were not treated very well. Just like African slaves, white servants received the same treatment. This typical labor lasted for several years for white and black. Most of them started to run away. They used to pay people back then to find slaves that ran away. Most slaves started to see each other as equals so they tried to come together to change the way they were treated. This happen during Bacon’s Rebellion that took place around 1676. Nathanael Bacon was a rich man that was born in Virginia who made Virginia Government his friends so that he could kill Native Americans and also Indians. He was told to kill Native Americans and Indians only if they were enemies. Nathanael Bacon in the other hand wanted lands from the Indians and also wanted to kill the Native Americans whether or not they were enemies. Many people in Virginia supported Nathanael Bacon decision of killing Indians for their lands, because they did not have their own lands. Most of the people in Virginia that did not own a land were indentured servants or they were forced to work. Bacons Rebellion did not succeed because the military put a stop to it, and Nathanael Bacon died constipation. After Bacons Rebellion black and white people started to protest against the Virginia Government. After all this happened they made bond to keep the race separate. The bond says that even is a person from Africa had a child the child will be slave too, and if you were a white indentured servants their work was done and they were set to go free. Virginia was trying to put Africans down. They started to make indentured servants more as an advertisement so they could have more workers. Slaves that were shipped form Africa were sent to South America or to the Caribbean. They were taken to South America and the Caribbean because they had resources such as gold and sugar. Slaves were used mainly to make money so that they can pay the cost to transport people back to the colonies. Around the 18th century the court started changing the rules between black and whites. This means that slavery should be apply mainly to Black Africans, and from time to time to Native Americans. In 1705 the constitution passed out a law which says that slavery should be applied to people from other nations that’s are not Christian. They passed...
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