Small Business vs Entrepreneurship

Topics: Small business, Entrepreneurship, Business Pages: 2 (439 words) Published: November 7, 2009
Small Business Versus Entrepreneurship

I came across an article that took my interest, it was written by Peter I. Hupalo about small business and entrepreneurship. The article discussed how he hated small business and that got me thinking. The author talks about how he hates small business that he couldn’t imagine a couple working away to earn $50,000 a year running their own shop. They have no company sponsored health insurance or even buy their own, no retirement 401(K) plan, pension plans, paid vacation and sick leave. He indicated that after all this what does a small business owner do? A lot. Running a small business is a lot of work and many people put more time into their own small business than they would put into a conventional job. To achieve in a small business they must be growth, more income and more retained within the company but to achieve the wealth demands growth of the business it cannot remain small but rather have a growth potential. The important point of this article is entrepreneurs often know a bit about small business because when they started their companies, the companies started as small businesses and most small business owners don’t know entrepreneurship because they do not evaluate risk-reward and they don’t seek to grow their business. He concluded never to start a small business which lacks growth potential and seek to become an entrepreneur not a small business owner I really don’t agree with his point about small business owners have no room for growth, a small business owner is an entrepreneur and some entrepreneurs first start their business as a small business before it grows into a big business. Small Business is very important in America because it creates jobs, give individuals the opportunity to make money and have financial freedom. Commitment and determination surely helps a business to succeed and being an entrepreneur you must be able to commit and be persistent in problem solving. Successful Entrepreneurs are...
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