Smart Measure

Topics: Educational psychology, Psychology, Time Pages: 1 (315 words) Published: March 8, 2013
Stacey Robinette
Professor Mary Downing Gardner
English 111
17, January 2013
My Online Assessment
When taking the Smarter Measure assessment I was surprised at what my strengths and weaknesses were. My strongest section was internet competency. Reading recall was the section that was the weakest. I never thought these two would be accurate. I am thirty eight years old, and when I attended high school computers had really just entered the world of technology. Over the years computers have really became a must know, and with that being said without my previous work history, and working on computers then I would be lost in today’s ever changing technology. Computers today really help me to get a lot done in a short period of time. It cuts out a lot of unnecessary steps to get things done in an orderly fashion. Computers have made me more intelligent on many different levels. My main concern is reading and comprehending what I read. I have never really been a big reader, but I know this is the key to being successful when taking online courses. I tend to read really fast and not pay close enough attention to what it is that I read. Slowing down and actually paying attention will make me more effective. Overall, I know that I am able to accomplish online courses. I have determination and goals set for my future. In today’s world having knowledge in technology, and reading effectively are two of the major things that are needed to be successful in this ever changing world. Having the knowledge that I have will allow me to get a better job and provide for my family. I never thought I would be where I am in life right now, but it has been well worth the challenge. It is never too late to learn and become a more educated individual. Word count 315
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