So Many Countries, so Many Customs

Topics: Culture, Cross-cultural communication, Soul Pages: 1 (368 words) Published: April 3, 2011
Essay “So many countries, so many customs”
There are many countries and nations in the world, and each of them is characterized by its own customs. In modern society we strive for integration, for cross-cultural communication, but very often different customs, different mentality makes obstacles for achieving results. For example, one Russian company carries on negations with some Japanese company. The Japanese do not say directly “Yes” or “No”, they think a lot. Russian vice verse do all of a rush. And Japanese filling some pressure will refuse from any kind of business. So, big deal was wrecked because of little knowledge of culture. The other example here is. In China people attach a lot importance to flowers and their colours. And you may easy offend a person giving to him/her flowers which are meant in China for the cemetery. And there are a huge amount of such examples of bad cross-culture communication. But we are all people. And we must try not to reject other culture and customs, not count it as strange and wrong, we must try to find something similar in our cultures. For every person the moral values are the same wherever he/she lives. Irrespective from our religion and country we love and hate, respect older generations and get our own way, try to change the world for the better and so on. All spiritual is not strange and foreign for us. We just find different shape for it. But even in absolutely different customs (even opposite they may seem) we can find general issue. For example, in all cultures death is the passage to the better world. Even in the case of reincarnation a soul after 12 manifestations comes to nirvana. We just treat the death in different ways: in some countries it is a great sorrow and in the others it is some kind of party. But absolutely in each country we have a holiday when we meet the souls of our dead relatives: Halloween, Paskha, Dia de Muertos. We need to understand that we are not crucially different. The world is very...
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