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Topics: Cross-cultural communication, United States, Apple Inc. Pages: 3 (1015 words) Published: December 29, 2013
When a business is looking to branch out, they are looking for several pieces to a large puzzle. One piece is to make certain that the company is able to afford the endeavor with the other country. Another is if the country holds a market for the particular product. One major piece of the puzzle is a questions is how can they do business in another country considering they have different aspects to how a business should run. Even though there are differences, there are similarities on how each country runs a business. To some businesses, they believe that the glue that holds the pieces together is have similar geographic locations. “In the age of globalization, these have been used extensively by managers trying to understand the differences between workforces in different environments,” Geert Hofstede (2008).

Hofstede a business theorist copulated that society and culture have a major impact on a person work environment. He theorized that you can place value upon six cultural dimensions. He gathered the cultural value information while conducting surveys by IBM. The six cultural dimensions are as follows; “power (equality versus inequality), collectivism (versus individualism), uncertainty avoidance (versus uncertainty tolerance), masculinity (versus femininity), temporal orientation, and indulgence (versus restraint),” (2011). With dimensions, Hofstede clustered 50 countries and 3 regions. Each country has been positioned relative to other countries through a score on each dimension. The dimensions are statistically distinct and do occur in all possible combinations, although some combinations are more frequent than others. There are nine clusters, the Anglo, Germanic, Nordic, Eastern, Arab, Far Easter, Latin America, Latin European, and an Independent cluster. The United States, is in the Anglo-American cluster along with Australia, United Kingdom and Ireland. Apple Computers domestic environment is in the United States, where as the global portion is...

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