The Social Economic and Politcal Impact of Imperialism (Colonozation) on Africa. Got a 90. Got 10 points off because of no cover sheet, or i would have had a 100. So i technically had a 100.

Topics: Atlantic slave trade, Africa, Madagascar Pages: 2 (735 words) Published: April 4, 2005
The Social, Political, and Economic Effects of Europe's Colonization of Africa

Imperialism is the political, economic, and social control by one country over another country. In the 1800's, many European countries began their imperialism of most of Africa. But when the Europeans were finally forced out, the government, economy, and social life were in ruins because a lack of concern by the Europeans, and their hasty decisions.

The Europeans ignored the social effects on the African people completely. When the new "borders" of Africa were drawn at the Berlin Conference, of which no African people had any input, the Europeans drew the lines according to what they wanted, and not what the African people had already established. The effect of this was that many ethnic and religious groups, and even sometimes families, were split up, causing mass havoc and chaos. The Europeans also decided that they were going to implement their own religion into the African peoples. Many times, if an African resisted, he would be beat for his religious beliefs because he would not convert to Christianity. Mostly, this only angered the African people. Overall, there was simply a total disregard for African life throughout the imperialism of Africa. Many Europeans had views that were contradictory. One such example is Henry Morton Stanley. Although he claimed to accept the Africans, he often portrayed them as childlike and ignorant. However, he was the ignorant one, not realizing what he was saying. Maybe it was not that he did not realize what he was saying, but he was trying to satisfy one group, while portraying his true personality to another.

The political impacts of imperialism are probably the most widespread. The way the borders were drawn has created several civil wars that still rage on today. The lack of concern on the Europeans' part created a huge problem when they left; they had made the borders so that previously warring tribes were placed in the same place,...
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