Sociology 102

Topics: Learning, Educational psychology, Study skills Pages: 4 (1028 words) Published: February 16, 2011
Bryant & Stratton College

Amherst Campus

SOSC 102: Principles of Sociology

Winter Semester
Tuesday+Thursday 9:50-11:30

Adam Privitera

SOSC 102 Portfolio Assignment (No. 1 of 2)
Midterm Essay Assignment

SOSC 102 Course Outcomes Assessed
1. Explore personal and professional identity in order to facilitate growth. 1. Identify an individual’s roles and responsibilities to self and society. 1. Identify stages and influences within life span development. 2. Explore concepts of inter-personal communication.

1. Explore behavioral development and motivational applications. 2. Identify strategies to develop and maintain successful relations with individuals at work or in society taken as a whole. 3. Recognize, identify and transfer learning derived from life experiences to new problem solving situations. 4. Explore and apply concepts that are essential to student academic success. 5. Transfer knowledge from life lessons and formal instruction to new situations as evidence of relational learning.

Assignment 1: Midterm Essay Assignment is worth 10% of your total grade for the course.

Assignment Purpose

One of the important features of your portfolio is the opportunity you have to reflect on yourself and your learning over the course of your studies at Bryant & Stratton College. This reflection will help you assess your strengths and how you have grown intellectually and professionally. It will also afford you space to consider questions that are often asked during the interview and/or review process. This specific reflective opportunity asks you to consider the learning’s your acquired in COMM 150 (the study of the evolution of information and the impact of technology on research and how to access, evaluate, and synthesize acquired research.) and/or SOSC 102 (the study of society, social relationships, and the organization of human groups.). The study of sociology is extremely important in developing an understanding of self and in relation...
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