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3.07 Selecciones- Visitamos la ciudad

A.Answer the following questions about the reading in complete Spanish sentences:

1.¿Dónde están los viajeros?
~ En Ciudad de México
2.¿Dónde está el hotel en la ciudad?
~ en la Zona Rosa de la ciudad
3.¿Adónde fue Susana en la ciudad?
~ En Zona Rosa Ciudad de México
4.¿Quién ganó el juego en la bolera?
~ Pablo fue el mejor boleador con 168 puntos
5.¿Qué son las Águilas?
~ Las Águilas son futbolistas muy populares en la Ciudad de México

B.Access the web sites given in the reading in order to answer the following questions. You can use the following email address to access the site:

1.Click on the second website. Look for where it says "último partido[->0]" (last game). Who won the last game? ~ Paul ganó el último partido
2.Look for where it says "próximo partido" (next game). Who is playing, and when and where will the game take place? ~ Paul, Susana, and Marisela estaban jugando

C.Tell about your community :

1.If the travelers in the story visited your community, would they be able to do the same activities that they did in that city? Explain. ~ Yes, we have all of the same activities where I live just as they have where they’re visiting at right now. 2.If the travelers in the story visited your community, what are the top three things they should do and why? ~ They should go to the beach because we have the most famous beach in the world, go to amusement parks because were one of the only states that has theme parks, and they should go parasailing because they offer that here too. 3.Do you have Spanish-speaking visitors to your community? Why do you think they come to your community? ~ Yes we do and because they like our tropical climate and it doesn’t get too cold down here.

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