Spanish Cultural Dimensions

Topics: Spanish language, Cross-cultural communication, Spain Pages: 3 (951 words) Published: November 13, 2010
Spanish Cultural Dimensions.

Through this report, based on the Hofstede’s cultural dimensions, we will try to clarify the main features of the Spanish culture. To get this target we will use a few proverbs or traditional expressions from Spain and relate them to Hofstede’s theory.

This way we will be able to understand and know a little bit more about how is the Spanish culture and how it differentiates from other cultures.

The first proverb we are going to use says: “La union hace la fuerza” Which means there is strength in numbers. This proverb describes very well how most Spanish society behaves. We also can appreciate some relationship with Hofstede’s dimension of individualist and collectivist societies. Moreover, we are able to deduce that in Spain people feel better surrounded by others, and they need to be close to others. Besides, some people just judge you depending on the group you belong to. (“Dime con quien andas y te dire quien eres” which means tell me who are you with and I will tell who you are.).However, in recent years this situation is changing and people is starting to think in terms of me instead in terms of we. They are looking for their own benefit and giving up important values such as loyalty. Therefore, nowadays Spain is in a medium individualistic level coming from a low level.

Regarding the Spanish power distance, we usually use a proverb that says “todos obedecen con gusto si el que manda es justo” which means that everybody will obey if the leader is fair. Therefore, we are able to observe, how the Spanish society accepts unequal distribution of power as long as the power is used fairly and equally among people. Nevertheless, in Spain since the end of the military dictatorship (1975) the power is shared and well dispersed. Although there are no distinctions among people, in the society there is an innate hierarchy, so people knows which is their role and for who their have to have respect. For instance for parents and...
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