Spring Break Essay

Topics: Amusement park, Carnival Cruise Lines, Cruise line Pages: 2 (417 words) Published: June 25, 2015
Kiana Brantley
April 8, 2015
Period: 1

Prompt: What did you do over spring break? Where did you go? Write a three paragraph essay describing your week and persuade the reader to do same thing.

My spring break was filled with fun. I was surrounded by people that I loved and I couldn’t have asked for anything more. The fun began on Friday when I went to Disney World for my class trip. It wasn’t my first time going to Disney world but it was my first time going with my friends, and I have to say that I finally had time to just unwind and be myself. One wouldn’t think that there is much to do Disney world, being that we were all seventeen and way past the age to go meet and greet with Mickey. But we actually enjoyed bringing out our inner child and we were even able to go on a few roller coasters when we weren’t eating. I don’t really know what it is about amusement park food, but there’s something about greasy chocolaty funnel cakes and burgers with cheese oozing down the sides that gets me every time. The only bad thing about Friday was my aching feet at the end of the day but other than that I didn’t want the day to end.

When spring break technically started which was Monday I sat at home and enjoyed the company of my family. We played board games and planned trips that we were planning on taking in the summer. Surprisingly, we decided on a cruise courtesy of Carnival Cruise line or should I say my aunt because she works there. With a cruise approaching as well as major school events, only one thing was in my mind and that was shopping! We literally shopped till we dropped over spring break and probably shopped a little more than we should have. Shopping from Tuesday to through Sunday can actually be exhausting, especially when you have a huge family like mine.

Overall, I really enjoyed my spring break but who wouldn’t enjoy it being in my shoes. I not only got to be around my friends but I got to spend more time with my family. My shopping may...
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