Starbucks, an Intercultural Company

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III) Starbucks : An Inter- Cultural Company
•Diversity = Inclusion + Equality + Accessibility
Inclusion : human connection and engagement Equity : fairness and justice
Accessibility : ease of use and barrier free The company wide diversity focuses on four areas :
The Partners (employees), Starbucks seek out and engage partners who are as diverse as the communities they serve, focusing on Partner development by educating and engaging them. The customers : They extend the starbucks expericence to all customers, regonizing and responding to their unique préférences and needs. Ensuring an exceptional Customer expérience by connecting with their customers in a culturally relevant way. The communities, Starbucks support and invest in local neighborhoods and global communities through strategic partnerships and economic development opportunités that deepen their ties with the communities they serve. The suppliers, starbucks is a trusted and welcoming company for suppliers through our supplier diversity program that Works to increase their pipeline of minority and women owned suppliers. Starbucks is dedicated to creating a workplace that values and respects people from diverse backgrounds and enables its employees to do their best work. Thei honor the unique combination of talents, expériences and perspectives of each partner, making Starbucks success possible. As such, Starbucks expect their partners to act with a spirit of kniship, tolerance and humanity toward all customers making their brand welcoming for everyone.

Analyzing Starbucks using Hofstede’s cultural dimensions
Power distance index : Starbucks has a low PDI, it believes in the equality between the employer and employees. And respecting individuals meaning that it believes in equality amongst individuals. Starbucks’ superiors treat subordinates with respect, and do not pull rank and entrust with important assignments. In addition Starbucks...
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