Statement of Purpose

Topics: Chemistry, Chemical reaction, Chemical engineering Pages: 3 (1050 words) Published: August 31, 2013
It is always difficult to foretell what kind of a person a child will grow into in the future. This axiom can apply to me perfectly. In my elementary school, I won the second prize for XX and this cultivated in me the ambition to become a mathematician. However, as I grew up, I found my real interest was in chemistry. This interest led me to be fascinated with all the subjects related to it, Applied Chemistry during my undergraduate program and Chemical Engineering during my Master’s program. What is more, I am determined to take up chemical engineering as my lifelong pursuit.

My formal advanced education in chemistry started with my undergraduate program in Applied Chemistry at the College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering of XX University. As is often said, the journey of exploring the realm of knowledge and probing into the unknown is infinite and strenuous. However, to me, the desire to fulfill ambitions and the joy from discoveries prevailed over any sense of hardship. My undergraduate program was as rewarding as it was joyful.

I believed that the most important task as a undergraduate was to lay a firm groundwork in terms of the basic knowledge and experimental techniques so that more advanced studies could be pursued. Based on this awareness, I decided that a good job in all the core courses, including experiment courses, was primary. I tried to understand the principle underlying each chemical phenomenon and how each principle was derived. To do so, I had to understand the textbooks thoroughly and supplement my classroom education with information from the Internet, the library, the lectures and other sources. This way of learning allowed me to become familiar not only with the core courses like Physical Chemistry, Principles of Chemical Engineering, Analytical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Chemical Engineering Analysis, Calculus, etc. but also with quite courses not offered to students of majoring in chemical engineering such as Polymer...
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