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Baking soda & vinegar: The reaction

By Gregory Johnson

Lab Partners:

Angel Medina

Ian Bailon

Erika Alvarado


Caroline Chen

April 1st, 2011


In chemistry class, we conducted an experiment involving baking soda and vinegar. We mixed them together and we ended up with a carbon dioxide, water, and sodium acetate. We did this to learn more about stoichiometry and how easily a mistake can be made when doing an experiment. We measured out specific amounts of baking soda and vinegar and we slowly mixed them. We then heated the solution until it turned into a solid. Using stoichiometry, I figured out how much baking soda (in grams) to start off with. I multiplied the amount of moles of baking soda by its molar mass and I got my answer. I then calculated the estimated amount of sodium acetate would be left over after the reaction. I multiplied the given number of moles by sodium acetate’s molar mass.


In this experiment, we needed 4.2 grams of baking soda and 150 milliliters of vinegar. We also needed a paper cup, a scale that measures grams, a stirring stick, a hot plate, a graduated cylinder, and a 500 milliliter flask.


First, observe three physical properties of vinegar and baking soda. This is usually a good thing to do for every chemical experiment. Second, place the empty cup onto the scale and make sure to press the tare button, so that the new weight doesn’t include the cup. Next, slowly add baking soda to the cup until it measures 4.2 grams. Add 30 milliliters of water to the cup and stir well. Next, weigh an empty 500 milliliter flask and set it for zero. Then add the hydrogen carbonate (baking soda) solution to the flask. Add 150 milliliters of acetic acid (vinegar) to the graduated cylinder. Then add it slowly and little by little to the solution in the flask. Observe the bubbles that form, and wait until the bubbling goes away before...
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