Strategies Of Health Education

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Strategies of Health

Historical Foundations for Teaching
Role of Nurses:
 the focus of teaching efforts by nurses
has not only been on the care of the sick
& on promoting the health of the well
public but also in educating other nurses
for professional practice.
 Florence Nightingale – the founder

of modern nursing was ultimate
 By early 1900 , PHN in her country
clearly understood the significance

 Teaching was recognized as an independent

nursing function
 As early as 1918, the NLNE ( National League of
Nursing Education ) now NLN ( National League
for Nursing) observed the importance of
teaching as a function w/in the scope of nursing
 CNE ( certified nurse educator) exam to raise
the visibility & status of the academic nurse
educator role as an advanced professional
 ANA has also set the functions, standards, &
qualifications for nursing practice of w/c pt.
teaching is a key element.

 For today the NPA ( nurse practice act)

legally mandated to provide
instruction to consumers to assist
them to maintain optimal level of
wellness & manage illness.
 The JC formerly the JCAHO established
nursing standards for pt education as
early as 1993. the standards w/c is
known as mandates describe the type
& level of care, treatment, & services
that must be provided by an agency in
order that they will be accredited

 The Patient’s Bill of Right 1 st develop in

1970 by the American Hospital
Association has been adopted by many
hospital nationwide in establishing the
guidelines to ensure that pts. Receive
complete & current information
concerning their diagnosis, treatment
& prognosis.
 The Pew Health Profession Commission
( 1995) published a broad set of
competencies that would marked in the
21st century.

i. provide clinically competent &
coordinated care to the public
ii. Involve pts. & their families in the
decision-making process regarding
iii. Provide clients w/ education &
counseling on ethical issues
iv. Expand public access to effective care
v. ensure cost- effective & appropriate
care to the clients
vi. Provide for prevention of illness &
promotion of healthy lifestyle for all.

 The Institute for Healthcare

Improvement (2006) announced the 5
Million Lives Campaign w/ their
objective to reduce pts. From incidents
of medical harm through teaching on
how to improve care in reducing
injuries, save lives & decrease cost of
health care.
 The Sullivan Alliance to recruit &
educate staff nurses to deliver
culturally competent care to the public.

 Accomplishing the goals & meeting the

expectations of these various organizations calls
for a redirection of education efforts.
Since 1980s , the role of the nurse as educator has
undergone a paradigm shift evolving from what
once a
DOPE – disease oriented patient education
POPE – prevention oriented patient education
HOPE – health oriented patient education
The new approach has emphasis on empowering
the patients to use their potentials, abilities, &
resources to the fullest.
Preparing nursing staff through continuing
education, in – service program, & staff
development to maintain & improve their clinical
skills & teaching abilities.

Trends affecting health care
1.the federal govt. has published Healthy People

2010 , Understanding & Improving health , a
document that put forth national health goals &
objectives for the future
2. The growth of managed care has resulted in shifts
in reimbursements for health care services.
3. Health providers are recognizing the economic &
social values of reaching out to communities,
schools, & workplaces to provide education for
disease prevention & health promotion
4. Politicians & health care administrators recognize
the importance of health education to accomplish
the economic goal of reducing the high cost of
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