Student Rubric for THER 357

Topics: Chemistry Pages: 2 (806 words) Published: February 17, 2015
TA Grading Rubric for THER 357 – Spec. Determ. of Cu in Brass Student Version

A score sheet will be used to grade each formal lab report. Use the questions for each section as a guideline when evaluating a student’s work for the various sections of the lab report.


Must include: Student’s name, Partner’s Name, TA’s Name, Date, Name of Experiment, Course and Section Number.

Did the student copy the purpose from the experiment (poor) or write something in his/her own words (satisfactory)? Were two or more purposes given (good)? Did the student show comprehension of how this technique is used industrially (very good)?

Are all of the materials and chemicals listed (satisfactory)? Are there separate lists for chemicals and materials (good)? Are concentrations listed (good)? Are chemical names AND formulas listed (very good)? Can you follow the procedure (satisfactory)? Is it complete (good)? Is it easy to follow (good) or is it all just one big paragraph (poor)? Has it been copied from the lab manual (satisfactory)? Has it been shortened, but all of the critical components have been kept (very good)? Was a flowchart created (good – very good)? Was information about safety and various hazards listed (good – very good)? If safety information is not listed, the highest score for this section is good.

Is the data from lab presented in paragraph form (satisfactory) or in tables (good)? Is it easy to check the data and follow the different pieces (very good)? Are the results of the calculations presented in a table (very good) or in paragraph form (good), or just at the end of the calculations (poor)? Are the calculations presented clearly with units (very good) or do you struggle to follow them (poor)? Are units and sig figs used consistently (very good), sometimes (satisfactory) or not at all (poor)? Were only the formulas shown (satisfactory) or was there a sample calculation for each different type of...

References: Did the student cite only the lab manual (satisfactory)? Were other references cited (good to very good)?
Report is spaced properly (very good) and section headers are on same page as section (very good)? Are tables broken over two pages (satisfactory)? Are the sections separated from each other (good) or jammed together (satisfactory)?
Balanced Equations:
States (very good)? Balanced (good)? Formulas only (poor)?
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